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About us

Rediscover India  is a locally integrated company registered to carry tours and travel business. Our services packaged in the One-Stop-Travel-Shop concept, provide clients with a single contact point for all travel related needs. We are committed to giving customers the best in travel services.


Rediscover India is an offspring of Kolu group of houseboats. They have grown from a small domestic travel company specializing in the Kashmir region of India & have now been in operation for around seventy years. In 2003 the company expanded to cover the entire state of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh and the www.kashmirhouseboats.net , www.koluhouseboats.in & www.travelexcellence.net websites were built to provide a wholesale service for all travel
products in Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. The business is now in a continual state of expansion.

Our Mission

We, at Rediscover India believe in providing our clients holidaying in style, by delivering excellence in quality and catering to those small things which make a journey 'The journey of a lifetime'.

To discover India is easy, open the atlas, check the index & you will find it, but the fun lies in rediscovering India personally . Mountains, beaches, forests and deserts are the main ingredients of the superb recipe called India. From skiing down the Himalayan slopes to enjoying the sandy beaches of the coastal India and the backwaters of Southern India. Witness the stunning forts surrounded by sand dunes of the Great Indian Desert & explore the Indian forests

We specialize in Historical tours, Ayurveda & Spa tours, pilgrimage tours, adventure tours, wild life tours, hill station tours, honeymoon packages, beach holidays, Indian Cruises and architectural tours of India.

Over the years, we have been able to build a dependable company. Rediscover India sees itself as a Travel Consultant and not just a Travel Agent. We have a step by step approach. Since inception, the company sets it goals at providing personalised service which ensures that we:

  • Understand clearly our customer's requirements.
  • Provide accurate information.
  • Respond quickly to requests and offer cost effective price.
  • Deliver a consistent level of service and assist customers with a pleasant attitude.
  • Resolve disputes and errors in a timely manner.

We specialize in the business of Inbound Tours, Domestic Tours, Business Travel, Itinerary Planning and Tailor Made Holiday, Luxury Coach/Trains Tours, Car Rentals & Conferences & Event Management, Hotel Booking for India & Air Booking for India.

Our portfolio of destinations and an array of attraction: - be it in sublime luxury or rustic simplicity, from lush green forests to snow capped Himalayas, scenic landscapes to idyllic beaches; coupled with year of experience, expertise service and
personnel knowledge gained over the years are an assurance of a truly unforgettable Indian tour with us.

With our head office located centrally in the capital city New Delhi, we pride ourselves in being the leading tour operator.  We understand that your holiday is a moment to be treasured and as to such, we only offer you the best by utilizing the finest of transport and eco-friendly properties, with best service and hospitality to ensure an intimate and a memorable experience.

We have fairly priced our products considering the different budgets levels, to offer you value for your money.  Service standards are never compromised at Rediscover India .

Your unmatched Indian tour begins with Rediscover India . Give us a call today.

About our Logo

Rediscover India

In the year 1498, Vasco da Gama discovered India. Today, we bring to you a forum to re-discover India yourself. The name suggests an opportunity to experience India not by how you were told she is but how you would imagine her to be.

Our logo is emblematic of the Indian tradition, heritage and diversity.

The 'R'  has a twofold meaning. It is contemporary with a pinch of conventionalism which is elaborated through the opening of an elephant's trunk. The peacock, the national bird of India symbolizes vibrancy. The colours represent the diversity of people, languages, culture, etc and yet how they are all united by one nation.

The Taj Mahal, is one of the seven wonders of the world and is a monument of beauty, architecture, love and exclusivity. The enclosure of the peacock and the Taj Mahal within the alphabets denotes the protection and preservation of India's heritage.