Haryana is a state in north India . Neighboring states are Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, Rajasthan to the west and south. The river Yamuna acts as the eastern boundary between Haryana and the states of Uttaranchal & Uttar Pradesh. It is divided into four divisions for administrative purpose - Ambala, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Hissar. An area of 1,553 km² is covered by forest. Haryana has four main geographical features. Shivalik Hills, Yamuna - Ghaggar (Saraswati) plain ,Semi-desert sandy plain, Aravalli Range.

Haryana with more than 5000 year old history is the cradle of Vedic and Hindu civilization. According to Indian mythology, it was here thousand years ago that Lord Krishna preached the Bhagavad Gita at the start of the battle of Mahabharata. It is said so that before the Mahabharata war, a battle of ten kings took place in the Kurukshetra region in the Saraswati valley. The word 'Hariana' occurs in a Sanskrit inscription dated 1328 AD kept in Delhi Museum which refers to this region as "The heaven on earth". It was here that the Hindu culture took birth and matured.

Haryana is proud of a rich cultural heritage that goes way back to the Vedic times. The people of Haryana have their own traditions. The age old customs of meditation, Yoga and chanting of Vedic Mantras, are still observed by the masses. The seasonal and religious festivals glorify the culture of this region. The dance is said to be the mother of all arts. Music and poetry exist in tune, painting and architecture in space.

Haryana has excellent golf course facilities near the industrial estates of Gurgaon and Faridabad . The state is constantly endeavoring to extend and upgrade infrastructure to meet the ever growing demand of discerning entrepreneurs. Hindi, Punjabi, Gurumukhi are the major languages spoken in Haryana.

What to See
Gurgaon Panipat Rohtak Ambala
Bhiwani Karnal Kurukshetra  

Gurgaon district is situated in NCR of Delhi, the capital of India. It is just 10 kms away from Indira Gandhi International Airport , Delhi . The district derived its name from the name of Guru Dronacharya; the village was given as gurudakshina to him by his students; the Pandavas and hence it came to be known as Guru-gram, which in course of time got distorted to Gurgaon. Thus the district has been existence since the times of Mahabharata.

Gurgaon is one of the most industrially developed cities of northern India . The place is now home to a number of software firms and Heavy Industries. The proximity of the city to the national capital of India also has given it the geographical advantage needed to develop economically. The place always buzz with activity and many tourists come here for reasons of business throughout the year.


By Air - The nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport , at New Delhi.

By Rail - Gurgaon Railway Station is one of the oldest Railway Station situated on the Delhi - Rewari - Jaipur Railway line route. It is at a distance of about 3 km from main old Gurgaon City.

By Road - The state transport buses connect Gurgaon to neighbouring cities with in the state and in neighbouring states.


Best time to visit Gurgaon is between February to April and August to November.


Sheesh Mahal - One of the local historic attractions is Sheesh Mahal with an interior featuring many intricate mirror decorations. The Sheesh Mahal in Farukhnagar is a rectangular double-storey building and was built by the local Nawab, Faujdar Khan, in 1793. The complex also houses a jail which was used as a jail and a torture chamber.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, founded by Dr. Salim Ali is situated 16 km from Gurgaon and 46 km from Delhi . During winter birds migrate from as far as Siberia and Europe . The important species found in the park are saras, crane, spot bill, ruddy shel duck, rosy pelicans etc. Over 100 species have been identified in this Sanctuary.

Sheetala Devi Temple - This famous Hindu temple is located one and a half kilometers in the suburbs of Gurgaon near a pond. Also referred to as a 'Shakti Peeth', the presiding deity of this temple is Mata Sheetala Devithe goddess of small-pox.

Sohna - Sohna has been provided with an exclusive Barbet Hut complete with its own sitting area and an attached kitchen. A motel at Sohna offers air-conditioned rooms for comfortable stay to the tourists. A four-bed dormitory, family huts and simple camper huts are available to suit the budget of various tourists.

Damdama Lake - Gurgaon also boasts of another tourist attraction - the Damdama Lake . Tourist facilities at the Lake include restaurant, bar, motel wing, conference hall, hovercraft, lawns and camping site, adventure activities and lake for boating. It is Located a few kilometers South of Gurgaon off Alwar road.

Shama - Located on the Delhi-Jaipur highway is the Shama. Its location makes it a popular halt with the travelers. The motel, restaurant, bar and lawns make it an excellent excursion or weekend trip from Delhi . It has hosted several family gatherings and celebrations.


Delhi - There are several places to see, visit, and explore in Delhi . Delhi is an international metropolis with excellent tourist spots, recreational facilities, and a history that goes back to antiquity. A remarkable feature of Delhi is the extent of greenery all over. Amongst the must visits in Delhi are the India Gate, Red Fort, Lotus Temple , Chandni Chowk, Purana Quila, laxminarayan Temple, Humayun's tomb and Qutab Minar.

Karna Lake - The man-made Karna Lake is situated on the National Highway No.1 near Karnal. The lovely green stretch celebrates one of the protagonists of the epic Mahabharatha- Karna. It attracts several tourists with its guest rooms, greenery, and well-equipped conference hall. The lake and the birds add to the charm of the lake.

Kurukshetra - Kurukshetra, the land where the Bhagwad Gita originated. Kurukshetra has several places of interest like Brahma Sarovar, Narkatari Temple , Banganga, Nab hi Kamal, Gurudwara Rajghat, Kurukshetra Library, and the Crocodile Sanctuary.


Pandit Ka Dhabba" and "Sardar Ki Jalebi" ki Dukane in Old Gurgaon Market are not very hi-fi places to eat, but these are the historical places for eating in Gurgaon & there are so many good restaurants in gurgaon, suitable for all pockets


Panipat is a historic as well as an ancient city in the Panipat District in Haryana state, India . Panipat was one of the five cities (prasthas) founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of Mahabharata; its historic name being Paneprastha. Panipat was the scene of three pivotal battles in Indian history.

Panipat is the city of textiles and carpets. It is also known for its world famous pickle 'Pachranga International'. This city is also famous for its handloom industry. It is also home to many industries such as Indian Oil Co. Ltd. (IOCL) Refinery, NTPC Thermal Power Plant and National Fertilizers Limited. It is the biggest centre for cheap blankets and carpets in India . The main places of attraction are the Graves of Ibrahim Lodhi, Kabuli Bagh, Devi Mandir, Kala Amb, Salar Gunj Gate, and Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar.


By Rail : A well developed network of railway connects Panipat to the rest of the country.

By Road : The district is well connected by National Highway. It is connected by road with Delhi (south) and Ambala (north). It is on the NH-1 and 90 kms away from Delhi.


Best Time to Visit Panipat is November To March.


Panipat Museum -Panipat Museum has been especially established for disseminating information about archaeology, history, art and crafts of Haryana with special emphasis on the Battles of Panipat which marked the turning point in Indian history. The display of antiquities, inscription, sculptures, arms and armours, Pottery, old and valuable documents, jewellery and art and craft objects, have been augmented by maps, write-ups photographs and translides, etc.

Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi - The tomb is situated near a Tehsil Offcie at Panipat. Ibrahim Lodhi fought fiercely with Babur, in the battle known to us today as the "First Battle of Panipat" and was slained and burried at this place. It was one of Sher Shah Suri's dying regret that he could never fulfil his intention of erecting a tomb to the fallem monarch.

Kabuli Bagh - The garden of Kabuli Bagh along with a mosque and a tank was built by Babur after the First battle to commemorate his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi. Some years later when Humayun defeated Salem Shah near Panipat, he added a masonary Platform to it and called it "Chabutra" Fateh Mubarak, bearing the inspription 934 Hijri (A.D.1557).These building and the garden still exist under the name of Kabuli Bagh called so after Babur's wife - Mussammat Kabuli begum.

Devi Temple - A temple dedicated to local deity exists on the bank of a large tank. A Shiva temple believed to have been built by Maratha named Mangal Raghunath who had remained in Panipat after the battle, also exists besides it.

Kala AMB - It is 8 Kilometers from Panipat and 42 Kilometers from Karnal, where Sadashiv Rao Bhau commanded his maratha forces during the third battle of Panipat was marked, by a black Mango Tree (Kala Amb) which has since disappeared. The site is being developed and beautified by a society with Governor, Haryana as its President.

Salar Gunj Gate - This gate is situated in the middle of Panipat city historical importance to Nawab Salar Juge, The gate still denoting its archacological interest.

Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar - Seven hundared years old this tomb is known as Dargah of Shah Kalandar Khizar Khan son of allau-din Khilji who got this tomb constructed. Bu-Ali-Shah kalander was born in 1190 A.D. Hali was a great Urdu poet. A large number of people from all walks of life, Hindu, Muslims, Sikh and Christians visit the tomb of Shah Kalandar and offer prayers here on every Thursday.

Shri Ram Sharnam - Shri Ram Sharnam stands as an emblem of supreme devotion to Shri Ram and Selfless service of humanity in the war. The grace and dignity of its congregation halls and its atmosphare suffused with pity and devotion attract devotees in large numbers. With ceutres spread all over India and abrod, Shri Ram Sharnam Panipat has the honour of being the only prayer hall inaugrated by Swami Satya Nandji himself in 1960, who described it as devinely inspired.


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Rohtak is a District of Haryana - The district headquarter is situated in Rohtak town. Other smaller towns are Hasangarh, Meham, Sampla, and Kalanaur. The total area of Rohtak is 1708 sq kms. The Rohtak district is also known as the political capital of Haryana. It is thought that it was named after Raja Rohtas, in whose days the city was built. It is also said that the town was build by clearing a forest of Rohtika trees, and hence its name Rohtak.

Rohtak can feel proud for having - One of the highest number of dairies in India, a reputable Medical College, a university where students come from different parts of India and some students also come from African countries.

The economy of the rohtak is primarily agriculture i.e. agrarian economy. The main crops are wheat, gram, sugarcane & bajra. There is no perennial river in the district. Underground water level is relatively high. The district is faced with the problem of brackish water and water logging in many parts of the district. The sub soil water depth various from 4 to 40 feet.


By Rail - A well-developed network connects the place to the rest of the country.

By Road - Rohtak is well connected to the National Highway and is accessible by good motorable roads.


Best Time to Visit Rohtak is February to April.


Myna Resort - Myna tourist resort lies in the town of Rohtak . Renovations and modern structures have brought exclusive tourist facilities for residents. 2 km out of Rohtak town, one can visit the Tilyar lake complex for weekend holidays.

Tilyar Lake - Tilyar Lake lies in a 132 acre area. The lake forms an integral part of the setup making it one of the greenest stretches one can imagine. It lies close to Rohtak town, some 70 km from Delhi.

Maharshi Dayanand University - Maharshi Dayanand University is Situated at a distance of 70-km Northwest of Delhi on the National Highway No. 10, It is spread over a sprawling 740 acres of land on the outskirts of the historic city of Rohtak . The University over the years has been constantly improving the quality of education in the traditional areas of Arts, Commerce and pure Sciences. At the same time, we have not been obvious to the rapid changes that are taking place in the sphere of technical and professional education.


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The district headquarter is situated in Ambala City . It is famous for its army cantonment, air force base and railway junction. Ambala district is now famous for its industries especially that of scientific instruments, metal casting and kitchen mixer grinders.


Air - The city is served by Ambala Airport.

Rail - The Shatabdi Express connects Ambala to New Delhi. Besides, there are frequent trains to Chandigarh.

Road - Ambala is connected by road with Delhi and Amritsar.


- Bhawani Amba Temple, named after the goddess Bhawani.

- Kali Mata Mandir.

- The Badshahi Bag Gurdwara.

- Sis Ganj Gurdwara.

- Manji Sahib Gurdwara and, Sangat Sahib Gurdwara.

- Popular Muslim shrines of Lakhi Shah and Taqwal Shah.

- Saint Paul's Church and an old British Christian cemetery.

- Patel Park in Ambala Cantt & City Park in Ambala City are two beautiful gardens.


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The district headquarter is situated in Bhiwani town. Bhiwani name comes from goddess Gauri Bhawani, Shiva's wife, and is also called 'Little Kashi' because there are about 300 temples within the town.

It is now a progressive industrial town. The industries of the region include cotton milling, ginning, and pressing and light manufacturing.


Rail - Bhiwani is an important rail junction.

Road - The place is connected with nearby cities by a well-developed network of roads.


- Prithviraj ki Kutchery.

- Star monument.

- Shrines of Khera Baba and Lohar Pir.


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The district headquarter is situated in Karnal city. It is 123 km from Delhi on the National Highway NH1, also called the GT Road, and 126 km from Chandigarh.


Rail - Karnal is an important city on Delhi-Ambala Rail Line & Sher Shah Suri Marg (G.T.Road), connected with all important places in the country. Connected by rail with Delhi (south) and Amritsar (northwest), Karnal is an important trade centre.

Road - It is 123 kilometers from Delhi & 130 kilometers from Chandigarh.


- Atal Park

- Church Tower

- Kalandar Shah's tomb

- Mama Bhanja Fort

- Miran Sahib's Tomb

- National Bureau of Animal Genetics Research Centre

- National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), CSSR

- Sugarcane Breeding Institute.

- Tarori Ka Killa

Wheat Research Directorate


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Kurukshetra the holy pilgrimage in which 360 places of pilgrimage related to the Mahabharata can be seen. Kurukshetra has been the germinating ground of the essence of what we call Hinduism. The call to duty is the supreme religion. The dictate to action without the thought, the hope, the wish, or reward is a philosophy that has guided the Indian psyche for thousands of years. It is one of those holy towns that have borne the imprint of Lord Krishna's footsteps.


Air - The Airports close to Kurukshetra are at Delhi and Chandigarh, which are well connected by road and rail. Taxi service is also available.

Rail - Kurukshetra is a railway junction, well connected with all important towns and cities of the country. The Shatabadi Express halts here.

Road - Buses of Haryana Roadways and other State Corporations ply through Kurukshetra and connect it to Delhi, Chandigarh and other important places.


- Ban Ganga

- Bhishma Kund

- Brahma Sarovar

- Gurudwara at Kurukshetra

- Panorama

- Sannihit Sarovar

- Sri Krishna Museum

- Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum

- Sthaneshvara Mahadev Temple


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